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How Do I Get A Printed Catalog?

How do I get a Paparazzi Catalog?


We often get asked “Where is your catalog?  Can you send one to me”.

Truthfully, Paparazzi does not have a printed catalog. Why?  Because Paparazzi changes its inventory daily. That’s right! New inventory is released every weekday.  That makes it very hard to keep a catalog up to date.

Here are we update our site everyday with the beautiful jewelry and accessories that are on their way to us.  You can also sign up for our mailing list to see all the latest hot items!

Paparazzi always has the latest fashion and stylish jewelry. If you see something you like....Snag it...Get it in your cart and FAST!  Most of the jewelry and accessories aren’t available when they sell out. (Blockbusters will continue to be restocked.)


Our site has THOUSANDS of Paparazzi pieces available! But remember, some of these items may sell out quickly! Don’t miss out!